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The Village of Hamilton owns and operates the Hamilton Municipal Airport.  Inquiries for hanger space and temporary tie downs should be directed to the village administrator at 315-824-1111.

The Village also owns development sites - the “Airpark” -  adjacent to the municipal airport. Lot sizes vary and are available for lease or purchase. Check out the details at the .hamilton-ny.gov/airport-industrial-park/
Interested parties should contact the village administrator at 315-824-1111.  
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Office phone numbers are: 315-824-6681    Fax: 315-824-1082  
Please leave a message, as we might be out on the field.
Fueling service is available 7 days.   Free WiFi is available in the terminal lounge.

AirNav.com Info

The AWOS is operational at:  315-824-1825   and   AWOS Frequency: 119.425
GPS LPV NAV is operational with two straight in WAAS precision approaches to the 5314 ft runway.

Note: FULL Taxiway completed in June 2012.

Hamilton Airport aerial photo
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