UAS Policy

 The Village of Hamilton is unique among many communities that it owns and operates an airport. Safety of all manned aircraft is of utmost importance to the Village. In accordance with this safety principle, a policy has been developed and adopted by the Board of Trustees for the use of UAS within the Village limits and the 5 mile radius of FAA controlled airspace around the airport.

The Village is also requiring that any  UAS (drone) operator register with the Village at the airport when notifying the airport operator to fly within the 5-mile FAA exclusion zone. 
The required information is on this form which can be downloaded for convenience.

Full policy document adopted by the Village of Hamilton

 The Village of Hamilton UAS (Drone) Policy

  • All FAA rules must be strictly adhered to for your type of drone
  • Your Drone must be registered with the FAA – you must have the paperwork with you at all times during operation.
  • Drone operation is strictly prohibited from all public Village property. This includes Airport/Airpark, DPW property, Municipal Utility property and all trail and parks including but not limited to Eaton Street, Village Green and Triangle Park.
  • To operate your drone from private property within the five (5) mile radius of the airport (please check the map for your location; the FAA requires that you notify the airport and inform them of your flight times, location and altitude.  A message DOES NOT constitute notification.
  • The Village has prepared a form that will be kept on file at the airport. Your flight information will be recorded and pilots will be notified of your activity. This call must be made to airport personnel, 24 hours prior to your flight, during normal airport operating hours, daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. A message DOES NOT constitute notification.
  • Airport personnel will evaluate your location and determine if you must contact the airport each time you fly. If your flight site is located in an area that will offer little impact to the airport runway approaches, you may be offered a blanket notification period for that particular location. Always call if there is a question or you change locations.
  • Airport contact information: 315-824-6681

LINKS:  Full 624 page FAA final rule on UAS, June 16, 2016       FAA Part 107 Summary, June 21, 2016 (3 pages)


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