Line services: towing, fueling, parking are available 9-5, seven days. 
     After hours $100.00 call 315-750-9218 or 750-9162

Jet A and AV 100 low lead are available at competitive prices at or below the regional market price.

Maintenance: Currently in changeover to new maintenance provider.  No maintenance available.

Flight instruction and scenic flights by Eagle View Flight,
                 Rick Bargabos Certified Flight Instructor - 315-447-0366.

Soaring Club: see SOAR CNY

Taxi Services:
Hamilton Taxi: 315-825-8003  (local in Hamilton)
                                 315-682-1962 (Manlius)

Car Rentals:
    Nilles Ford 315-824-2440
    Pierce Auto 315-893-1844


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